ADHD Evaluation

ADHD Evaluation

Dr. Gorman specializes in working with adolescents and adults who have struggled with lifelong problems with attention, distractibility, procrastination, or disorganization, but have never been formally evaluated or diagnosed. In other cases, a person may have been diagnosed many years ago, and now they updated testing to help guide treatment or to get accommodations in high school, college, graduate school, or at work. Many medical doctors are hesitant to prescribe ADHD medication without an appropriate evaluation and documentation of the diagnosis.

Neuropsychological evaluation for ADHD includes more than just set of scores. In fact, cognitive test data alone should not be used to make or rule-out a diagnosis. In addition to assessing cognitive skills such as memory, attention, and executive functioning, an appropriate evaluation includes a thorough history of development and education, medical and psychiatric history, an understanding of current symptoms, and consultation with parents, doctors, and other medical or mental health providers who know the patient well. It is this whole picture that allows for an accurate differential diagnosis, which means the ability to tease apart various overlapping conditions that can cause problems with attention.

The importance of an ADHD evaluation lies in the fact that untreated ADHD can have significant negative impacts on an individual’s academic, social, and occupational functioning. A diagnosis of ADHD can provide important information about an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and inform the development of an effective treatment plan.

Possible outcomes of ADHD evaluation include a diagnosis of ADHD, which can lead to recommendations for medication, therapy, behavioral interventions, or academic accommodations such as extended time on testing. Additionally, an ADHD evaluation can help identify other conditions such as anxiety, depression, or a learning disorder, which can also cause attention problems and require specific treatment.

ADHD testing is an important process that can help individuals receive an informed diagnosis based on objective findings. They can then receive the support and interventions they need to overcome their specific set of challenges and improve their quality of life. As a boardcertified neuropsychologist, Dr. Gorman is committed to providing accurate, thorough, and compassionate ADHD evaluations to help individuals achieve their full potential.

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