Neuropsychology Services

Our Neuropsychologist Services

The purpose of the evaluation is to gather a complex set of information and generate a plan that is understandable, useful, and actionable. At Atlas Neuropsychology, we believe that an effective neuropsychological evaluation should help you understand where you are now and provide a roadmap for where to go next.

Dr. Gorman specializes in working with adolescents and adults with the following concerns:

Outcomes of a neuropsychological evaluation can include:

Our evaluations are tailored to the unique needs of each individual and are designed to identify the underlying causes of their difficulties and to provide recommendations for appropriate interventions and treatments. We use a variety of standardized neuropsychological tests and measures to assess cognitive functioning. We also gather information from other sources, such as interviews with the individual and their family members, medical records, and other relevant information.

Accurate diagnosis

Treatment recommendations tailored to your unique needs

Coordination of referral services

Assisting in care planning for older adults

Special education planning and academic accommodations for high school, college, and graduate level students

Eligibility for disability

Guardianship needs

Connections to resources for vocational support, educational support, community assistance, or clinical research trials.

Learning Disabilities

Medical Conditions resulting in brain fog or other changes in cognition or mood

Memory Disorders/Dementia

Mood and Behavioral Problems

Neurological Conditions