What is a neuropsychological evaluation?

A neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation of thinking abilities, including intellectual, academic, memory, language, attention, executive functioning, visuospatial skills, and social, emotional, behavioral, and adaptive functioning. It includes a series of standardized tests administered in a one-to-one format. These tests have been developed on many healthy people and are administered by a trained professional.

What will a neuropsychological evaluation tell me?

Your scores on various standardized tests are compared to large databases of people who are like you in many ways. Dr. Gorman puts this information together with your history to clarify your diagnosis, determine your strengths and weaknesses, and make treatment recommendations that are tailored to your unique needs.

What can I expect during a neuropsychological evaluation?

The initial appointment may be conducted via telehealth or in person, depending on your needs and preference. The intake often includes an interview with parents and/or family members who can offer important background information. This appointment generally takes 45 minutes to an hour and is scheduled approximately within one week of the testing appointment.

The administration of neuropsychological tests is conducted in person in our office. These tests are administered one-on-one by a trained professional in a private room. Some tests are verbal and consist of question and answer, and some tests are written or use things like blocks or game pieces. The testing usually takes several hours, and the exact length of testing depends on your unique needs. A typical evaluation with an adolescent will start at 9:30 am and end at 3:30 pm. A typical evaluation with an older adult will last approximately two to three hours. Breaks are provided as often as needed, including a lunch break. There is no such thing as “passing” or “failing.” Everyone has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Gorman will work with your unique range of abilities, stamina, and comfort level to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during your evaluation.

Where are you located?

We are in the “Octagon Building” located at 1719 State Route 10 East in Parsippany, New Jersey. Our suite is on the third floor (Suite 310). There is elevator access. Enter through the “West Entrance.” There is parking available in the lot. There is a cafeteria on the lower level of the building. There is a drive-through Starbucks in our parking lot.

What ages do you serve?

We work with high school-age students and adults of all ages.

What do I need to do before the evaluation?

Dr. Gorman will send you a link to complete the paperwork prior to your first appointment.

What do I need to bring to the evaluation?

You may be asked to bring lunch to your appointment if you are scheduled for a full day of testing.

If you need reading glasses or hearing aids, you should bring them to your appointment.

If you have Medicare, you will need to bring your Medicare and secondary insurance cards to the appointment.

You may be asked to provide medical or school records for Dr. Gorman to review in order to get a better understanding of your medical, psychiatric, and/or educational history.

What happens after the evaluation?

A telehealth feedback session will be scheduled within 7-10 days of your testing appointment. During this feedback session, your results will be explained, and recommendations will be provided. A written report is typically provided two to three weeks after the evaluation.

Do you accept insurance?

Dr. Gorman is a Medicare provider and accepts traditional Medicare insurance. She is not in-network with Medicare Advantage plans.

Dr. Gorman is out-of-network with all other insurance companies. Payment is required on the date of service, and all major credit cards are accepted. Dr. Gorman is committed to helping patients obtain reimbursement from their insurance companies by accessing their out-of-network (OON) benefits. She will provide you with a “superbill” that includes all procedure codes and diagnosis codes that you will need to submit the claim to your insurance company.

What is your COVID-19 Policy

Atlas Neuropsychology follows the guidance provided by the CDC on mask guidance. As these guidelines are always changing, we ask that you contact our office for up-to-date information regarding our COVID-19 policies and procedures.

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